Túlio Pinto

b. 1974, Brasília, Brazil

Túlio Pinto experiments with the balance of different materials in his works, involving their size, weight, and density.

The creation of his works avails itself of the principles of transience and variability of materials: “The materials themselves already have their sculptural potential. Tulio Pinto’s own function is an articulator who punctuates materials inherent force.
The word ‘antithetical’ seems to apply like an adhesive to Túlio Pinto’s works, as if a pendulum were swinging between order and chaos, and a dual nature could be perceived in the pieces: the geometric and the formless (or the opacity and the transparency; the lightness and the weight), in an apparent opposition.
When we put these elements together as an integral part of a single system, the pieces become ideograms – just like an unspeakable direct speculation on the world that unfolds in front of us.

Tulio Pinto, who graduated from UFRGS – Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul with a degree in visual arts and a specialization in sculpture in 2009, lives and works in Porto Allegre, Brazil.


Selected Solo shows

Empatía, Senda Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
Material Resilience, UN-SPACED, Paris, France

Hole in the sky, Gallery Milan, São Paulo, Brazil
Momentum, MARGS Art Museum of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil

41° 23′ 20” N 2° 10′ 34’’ E e 41° 25′ 21” N 2° 12′ 32’’ E: Three Times, Senda Gallery and Piramidón, Centre d’Art Contemporani, Barcelona, Spain
Athar, Piero Atchugarry Gallery, Garzon, Uruguay

Ground Control, Humo Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

Azul e Unicórnio, Galeria Baró, São Paulo, Brazil

Onloaded: Túlio Pinto, Phoenix Institute of Contemporary Art (phICA) – curator: Ted G. Decker, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Deslocamentos, SESC Ribeirão Preto, Ribeirão Preto, Brazil


Ground, Galeria Baró, São Paulo, Brazil

Transposition, Augusto Meyer Gallery, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Diagonal, MARP – Museum of Art of Ribeirao Preto, Ribeirao Preto, Brazil

Orthogonal Trajectories, Goethe Institute Exhibition Programme 2009, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Two Magnitudes, Iberê Camargo Gallery Usina do Gasômetro, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Constructures, Gestual Gallery, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Recents, Xico Stockinger Gallery, Casa de Cultura Mário Quintana, Porto Alegre, Brazil

From Accumulation to Impregnation, Por Amor à Arte Gallery, Porto, Portugal


Selected Group shows

Roshambo, MARRA\NOSCO Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
In a world of people, I am a wall, Galería SENDA, Barcelona, Spain

The Little Thing That Counts, MARRA\NOSCO Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
Hétérotopie, Bubble’n’Squeak – curator: Edoardo Monti Brussels, Belgium

GAM, Frenetic Standstill, Artissima Unplugged, Dialogue, Gallery Nosco, Torino, Italy

Glass and Concrete, Marta Herford Museum, Herford, Germany

Tension and Dynamism, Piero Atchugarry Gallery, Miami, USA
Loop Festival, Senda Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
Apologue, Un-Spaced Gallery, Paris, France

Combining Materials, Rosenfeld Porcini Gallery, London, UK
Memória e Momento, Salão Paranaense, Museu Oscar Niemeyer, Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil

Transparência e Reflexo, Mube – Museu Brasileiro de Escultura – curator: Cauê Alves, São Paulo, Brazil
Vetoriais e Resultantes, Galeria Baró, São Paulo, Brazil
Mais Performance, Oi Futuro Ipanema – curator: Caroline Menezes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Interlúdios, Baró Galeria, São Paulo, Brazil
Mac / Mon – um diáogo, Museu Oscar Niemeyer, Curitiba, Brazil

Paralelo 31, Museu de Arte Leopoldo Gotuzzo, Pelotas, RS, Brasil
Quase Uma Ilha, Galeria Península, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Prêmio Energisa de Artes Visuais, coletiva IV, Usina Cultural Energisa, João Pessoa, PB, Brazil
Repentista II, Nosco Gallery, London, UK
Linde – cidade especular, Galeria Xico Stockinger, Casa de Cultura Mário Quintana, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Bienal de Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada
Tohu Wa-Bohu, Galeria Bolsa de Arte, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Repentista, Galeria Nosco, London, UK

BINARY, Gallery Nosco, Largo Das Artes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Salvajes Digesting Europe Piece by Piece, Traneudstillingen Exhibition Space, Copenhagen, Denmark
Drawing Instances, Logo Gallery, São Paul, Brazil
Drawing Instances, School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

New Brazilian Sculpture, Caixa Cultural Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
(Des) Equilíbrios e (Im) Perfeições, Art Collection Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Album: collective of contemporary photography, Baró Gallery, São Paul, Brazil
72 Hours, MAC, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Rastros de Aserrín, Cultural Center Park Spain, Rosario, Argentina
From the Studio to The White Cube, MARGS Art Museum of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Drawing Instances, Augusto Meyer Gallery, Casa de Cultura Mário Quintana, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Hollow Horizon: Latin-American artists at the edge, Cervantes Institute, São Paul, Brazil
The art of constructing, The Shadow House, London, UK

Twenty something, Baró Gallery, São Paul, Brazil
Tripod Project Parallel 30, Sesc Pompéia, São Paul, Brazil
Event Horizon, Ecarta Foundation, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Shared Spaces, Gestual Gallery, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Artificial Skies, Lunara Gallery, Usina do Gasômetro, Porto Alegre, Brazil

OI Expressions, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Between Centuries, Brasília National Museum, Brasília, Brazil

Túlio Pinto

Túlio Pinto

Túlio Pinto

Túlio Pinto

Túlio Pinto